tor browser not playing videos гирда
Tor browser not playing videos гирда поисковики в тор браузере hyrda вход

Tor browser not playing videos гирда

Ну а теперь перейдем к решению проблемы с воспроизведением видео в данном клиенте. Часто можно увидеть вот такое сообщение при попытке посмотреть видео через клиент Tor. А все потому что по умолчанию Adobe Flash Player отключен и все потому что он может нарушить Вашу анонимность в сети. Но если это Вас не страшит то для того чтобы видеоролики воспроизводились необходимо его включить. После проделанных действий проверьте, воспроизводится ли видео на каком либо сайте, а лучше проверить на нескольких совершенно разных сайтах.

Которое так же можно отключить. Для полного отключения расширения необходимо перезагрузить клиент Tor. Но иногда этого не достаточно, бывает что и после проделанных действий видео не воспроизводится и все потому что в клиенте Tor одна функция блокирует включение плагинов. Чтобы это исправить откройте настройки клиента Tor. Далее откроется окно с настройками прокси сервера и настройки безопасности. Вот и все на этом!

А я не могу на 4пда нормально писать посты — блокирует какой-то плагин. Попробую по вашему совету, но вы так и не сказали насколько пострадает анонимность? Меня вычислят? А не жирновато привилегий для сайта чтобы написать? Не помогло.! То есть, ваш трафик с такого Tor браузера как минимум будет доступен кому то еще, а может быть и такое, что вы установите и заразите свою систему каким нибудь зловредом.

Так что качайте Tor браузер только с официального сайта torproject. Скачаться запакованный архив, в котором и будет Tor браузер. Распаковываем данный архив любым удобным для вас способом, используя графические утилиты для этого или терминал. Заострять на этом этапе внимания не стану. Сначала давайте разберемся как запускать данные файлы в рабочем окружении Gnome. Закрываем настройки nautilus и запускаем браузер Tor.

В других средах рабочего стола обычно данные файлы запускаются без применения дополнительных действий. Ждем какое то время, после чего запустится браузер Tor и выскочит окно с предложением использовать Английский язык, если же желаете, можете выбрать данную возможность. Так как есть вероятность поймать какую нибудь гадость, например на сайтах. А на таких сайтах. Теперь отключим параметр http referer, данный параметр сообщаем сайтам с какого ресурса вы зашли.

Но, на этом еще не все, теперь необходимо установить саму Tor сеть и настроить перенаправление всего нашего трафика через сеть Tor. Про установку Tor сети вы могли уже читать статьи на данном сайте, это уже не раз тут описывалось. Для установки Tor сети необходимо выполнить команду:. Затем включаем саму сеть Tor выполнив команду :. Собственно на этом установка сети Tor выполнена, но, нам необходимо перенаправить свой трафик, что бы он весь проходил через сеть Tor.


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But it was working before without the need of allowing JS in order to watch the video. Now i need to allow JS of googlevideos in order to watch the video. As mentioned above, NoScript blocks media by default, which is likely causing this issue. With Security Settings set to safest I am able to watch videos through Invidious with media enabled.

By default the player links to googlevideo. Skip to content. New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link. Hi There, it seems to be that there is some issue with invidious while been visited from TBB. Now i need to allow JS of googlevideos in order to watch the video NoScript also blocks media by default.

Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. During the Tor Browser 8. You can interact with the slider more easily now. For the fully planned changes check out proposal We made Tor Browser 8. We already collected a number of unresolved bugs since releasing Tor Browser 8 and tagged them with our tbb Check them out before reporting if you find a bug. In addition to the known issues, we are always looking for feedback about ways we can make our software better for you.

If you find a bug or have a suggestion for how we could improve this release, please let us know. The full changelog since Tor Browser 8. Press Enter to use the default search engine. Or you can add a search box to the toolbar at the top of that preferences Search page. I could swear that when I last used Tor quite a while ago, there was a link to a list of trusted and legitimate onion websites such as email websites and I cannot find anything. Or in Tails?

The version in Tails offers a few bookmarks to clearnet webmail sites such as Riseup. Did you install Tor Browser 8. As a practical matter, users must rely upon incomplete knowledge to make the best guesses they can based upon what they know and whom they trust. Our worst enemies are far better funded than Tor Project but we must bear in mind that they have problems too drowning in information, barraged by demands for urgent "solutions" to issues which might not affect most Tor users at all, hampered by concern about their own poor OpSec and sometimes about trying to avoid attributability, confused by myriads of software and hardware which can make finding zero day exploits more of a challenge even for initial stages of compromise, etc.

There is a great deal of misinformation some of it very possibly manufactured by our enemies constantly being promoted in mainstream media and other sources, which tends to deter potential Tor users from trying to learn more about Tor, and tends to distract from issues which may pose the greatest risk to the most endangered people.

For example, the recent Mozilla issue has highlighted one of the most difficult problems which confronts the Tor community: Tor Project software is open source and TP tries to audit it, so obvious "backdoors" are unlikely to appear in binaries produced by TP, but Tor software incorporates code from other open source projects which may not receive as much scrutiny; even worse, security critical components such as pseudorandom number generators have parameters which can be subtly altered to cripple them.

But the single biggest risk to most Tor users is probably security vulnerabilities in the system on which they are running Tor Browser or another TP product. Tails is an excellent choice for a convenient and easy to use Linux system based on Debian booted from DVD or USB, which tries to implement many basic protections against unknown vulnerabilities or accidental leaks, such as modest AppArmor and a stringent Tor-friendly firewall.

But Tails also has long standing issues with using persistent entry nodes counter-intuitively, this is desirable for better anonymity and, some users fear, with ensuring excellent entropy for stream encryption. Tails can be used with a commercial entropy source but independent tests suggest these devices produce poor quality pseudorandom bitstreams.

It would be wonderful if Tor Project kept in a visible place a few handy links to the best sites which can help ordinary people these days the list of endangered people includes reporters, diplomats, lawyers, telecom engineers, small business owners, election officials, social workers, medical providers, i.

I particularly recommend that anyone who suspects they may become a target for corporate or state-sponsored cyberespionage or cyberwar actions start here:. It must have been very long ago, if ever. Hint: It could be you to write one and we would be very grateful about that. On previous versions of Tor, I used to notice a drop down which appeared that said, "Will you allow [website name] to use your HTML5 canvas image data?

This may be used to uniquely identify your computer. Maybe it has to do with the about:config setting privacy. Woops sorry I asked this dumb question. I answered my question for myself after opening my eyes a bit for the new version: canvas fingerprinting management no longer drops down on its own by default You now have to click the little canvas icon around the left side of the Tor address bar that looks like a little mountain and a sun; the one that says "manage canvas extraction permission" when you hover the cursor over it.

After clicking it you can see the notice "Will you allow [website name] to use your HTML5 canvas image data? After the update, I can not go through the browser to "localhost". And I can not run my sites on the tor network. Could you give us steps to reproduce your problems? And what does "can not run my sites on the tor network" mean? Since updating the Tor Browser to version 8. I thought that the Tor browser had gotten corrupted when updating so I did a fresh install, but I still have the problem.

I also cannot run the browser sandboxed in Sandboxie. Are these intentional changes? Such problems certainly limit the usability of this browser. Could you give us steps to reproduce you video playing issues? You could help us tracking down the issue by following up on the two questions I asked. The video issues have something to do with the webgl setting in NoScript.

I prefer to disable webgl unless I absolutely need it. Up until I updated to Tor Browser v 8. However, if I exited the Tor Browser and relaunched it, the videos would play as long as I did not disable the webgl setting in any category. I would like to be able to disable webgl, and still play videos, because I believe that webgl is a security risk. I have not made any Tor Browser modifications. Okay, so you took a clean, new Tor Browser 8. Does setting the security state to "safer" and doing the click-to-play dance on Youtube still get you working videos?

Or does that already break? What do you set exactly in a clean Tor Browser 8. I have been able to reproduce the problem by taking the following steps: I start the Tor Browser and YouTube videos will play as long as I do not touch the settings in NoScript or change the security level from "Standard. All I see is a circle spinning in the middle of the video player. Re-enabling "scripts," when that has been unchecked alone, does not fix the problem. In other words, there is no way to re-enable the playing of videos once anything has been unchecked in NoScript.

If I change the Tor Browser security level to "safer," the videos stop playing and there is no way to enable them. Even disabling script blocking for the YouTube tab will not allow the videos to play. So, the problem seems to have something to do with how NoScript is allowing or blocking scripts running on the page. But, there is no way to customize this, as I used to do by preventing scripts and WebGL from running on the Default tab and then just enabling scripts on sites I trust.

Another observation I made which may or may not be related to the video playing problem is that the browser seems to be using more memory than it did in the previous version. Closing tabs, even down to one tab, does not release any memory. When this memory issue occurs, the pages in the tabs do not render immediately when I click on the tab. What I see is a circle of bars spinning around for a long time before the page displays.

And if the problem gets bad enough, only the top half of the page will display and the bottom half is blank. I occasionally get the warning message that a script is slowing down Tor Broswer and asking me if I want to stop it. This makes me think that both problems, the videos not playing and the high memory usage, are related to script blocking. Thanks for the investigation: If you change the Tor Browser security level to "safer" do you mean changing it during the video playing or are you seeing the problem after setting the settings to "safer" and then trying to play the video?

Is there a way to migrate bookmarks on Tor Browser Android? There are some users that managed to copy some saved bookmarks over, but there is no good in app solution for that yet, alas. What happens if you try to save images? How can we reproduce your problem? Regarding the screenshot, yes, this is currently disabled as it is a privacy issue. Nothing happens, when you Click Save Image on Android , the prompt just disappears. Okay, thanks!